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Possible Lesson Variant ID (5/5): L2164563 Possible Assessment Variant ID (0 pt.) : A580331 Possible Lesson Variant ID (0/0): L5330590 Possible New Student Variant:

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Some teachers will put students in a catch-up plan upon the students request. Others will put students in a catch-up plan when they have more than half of the lessons in a unit overdue. Sometimes a special education case manager will request that you place a student in a catch-up plan. You as the teacher can decide when to implement a catch-up plan. If a student, case manager, or caretaker requests a catch-up plan, it is expected that one will be provided.

WHEN to implement a catch-up plan?

WHERE will students complete the catch-up plan?

What do you do when one is requested or one has to be made?

It can involve just the Edio lessons or other types of technology: Nearpod, etc.Many times students will complete their work asynchronously and independently. However, some catch-up plans work best when the teacher and student meet in the Zoom room and work together.

WHO is eligible for a catch-up plan?

Communication is Key! Always let the student know - via Edio chat, email, or phone. Sometimes just knowing that the plan is in place helps a student to re-engage. When they go from 20 overdue lessons to five overdue lessons, their anxiety can go down and tasks won't seem so insurmountable.

All students are able to request and obtain catch-up plans. They do not have to have a 504 or IEP. A teacher can also give a catch-up plan to a student without the student requesting one.

WHY should students be placed in catch-up plans?

What are catch up plans?

They can help to meet students' individual needs and can help them to succeed, catch up, and re-engage.

Catch Up Plans are a way to help students get caught up with overdue lessons in your course(s). These plans assist students in a way that still allows them to gain the key concepts and essential information, while elminating the need to go lesson by lesson/page by page through the lessons that may be overdue.

There are a variety of ways. The first step will be to get input from

  • Your mentor,
  • Your PLC, and or your cohort.
Find out what others have done that has been effective. Most teachers find that it is helpful to prioritize assessments and other tasks that are worth larger point amounts. Some teachers ask students to complete the unit assessments and then the teacher goes back and submit the lessons after. Some teachers allow students to turn in lessons by simply checking that they are completed and then the student takes the assessment. In some cases, teachers will bundle lessons and the assessment into one variant - a kind of mastery variant.

Remember that every catch-up plan is different. There is no standard template.

HOW to create a catch-up plan?

Possible Lesson Variant ID (5/5): L2164563 Possible Assessment Variant ID (0 pt.) : A580331 Possible Lesson Variant ID (0/0): L5330590 Possible New Student Variant: