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The first farm animal to reach the goal wins!







You have 30 seconds to guess the animal that is described..."I am green, I live in ponds and I am quite small".

Act it out - think of an animal you know the English name for and act like this animal. If your teammates do not guess the correct animal using the English word within 30 seconds, you win!

Play a game of hangman, you should choose a name of an animal in English and your teammates should guess the answer. If they do not guess this within 60 seconds, you win!

  • The game can be played by 2 to 4 players.
  • Each player must choose a chip and roll the dice (just click on the digital die and wait for it to stop).
  • The player who gets the highest number will be the one who starts the game.
  • To play, each participant must roll the dice and move his/her piece to the corresponding square.
  • Some of the squares on the board have a special meaning.
  • If the player lands on a SURPRISE square, he/she wins the right to move to the next SURPRISE square, and can also repeat the roll.
  • If he/she lands on an X2 or X3 square, he/she must multiply the number on the dice by the corresponding number and advance that number of squares.
  • If he/she lands in the DANGER square, the player may not roll the dice again until another player passes through that square.
  • The winner is the one who reaches the "goal" line first.
  • IMPORTANT! These instructions are for guidance only. Feel free to edit the game in your own way and assign "prizes" or "punishments" to the different squares according to your preferences.

Describe an animal. You teammates should guess the animal you are describing. If possible, describe the animal in English. Your teammates should guess the animal name in English. If they do not guess this correct in 30 seconds, you win!

What is the English name for this animal?

Use this space to add awesome interactivity. Include text, images, videos, tables, PDFs... even interactive questions!

Names the 4 animals in English that Old MacDonald had on his farm.

Oh no! You landed on a rock! Go back 5 spaces!

What is a baby sheep called?

Can you remember what a baby cow is called?