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Being Organised

Click on the post it notes to see what we will be doing today.

Starter task

Recap what we have done so far.

Outlook what do we know already?

Have a go

Lets have a go.Please set up your college timetable on the outlook calendar.Now set up a to do list - for the work you need to complete. Once you have done this you will need to take a screen shot and add your class notebook area. Learning Aim A page.

Recap:Lets have a go on MIRO. Sign up with a free account, make your own team using your own initials. On post it notes, write down two things that we have done for this unit so far. This could be an activity we have done, a new platform you have used or something you are now working on to help you to be more organised. Make sure your post it is named and you have added the post it in the frame provided. DO NOT DELETE anyone elses work. Be organised & be respectful. Click on the blue pin to access the MIRO page.

Starter task: Situations: In teams you will have limited time to offer solutions to each others situations. You will come up with 10 situations that the other teams will try and offer solutions to in 10 seconds. The team with the most situations solved with great solutions wins. Here are some ideas that you could use:You got up late, missed your train and now you are running late for college, what do you do? You had a deadline for a task by tonight, but you forgotAs a manager, how will you make your team work to get the project done last minute?You dog has just vomited all over the rug and you are late for work, what do you do? Your boss has asked you to create a spreadsheet on excel, but you have never used it before, what do you do?

Lets look at what outlook can do? What do we know already?

  • Calendar
  • Email
  • To do list