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Reputation Unmasked

a spin off of the game clue

HOW TO PLAY Objective: The objective of Clue is to determine which character committed a murder, in which room, and with which weapon. Setup:

  1. Place the game board on a flat surface. Each player chooses a character token and places it on the starting space of that character
  1. Shuffle the suspect, weapon, and room cards separately. Without looking, randomly select one card from each category and place them in the "Murder Envelope." These cards represent the solution.
  1. Shuffle the remaining cards and deal them face-down to each player. Players should look at their cards but keep them secret from others.
  1. Place the six weapon tokens on their respective outlined spaces on the game board.
  1. Roll the dice to determine who goes first. Play then proceeds clockwise.
  1. On your turn, roll the dice and move your character token that number of spaces in any direction, including diagonally. You can move into rooms through doorways.
  1. Once in a room, make a suggestion by naming a suspect, a weapon, and the room you're in (even if it's not your character). Moving clockwise, the player to your left must reveal a card from their hand if it contains one of the suggested elements.
  1. Use the process of elimination to deduce which cards other players possess based on their revealed cards. Mark the information on your detective notepad.
  1. When you feel confident, make an accusation by secretly stating the suspect, weapon, and room you believe are in the Murder Envelope.
  1. Check the Murder Envelope. If your accusation is correct, you win the game. If it's wrong, you're out, but the game continues until someone correctly accuses you or all players make wrong accusations.
  1. You can't look at other players' cards unless they reveal them during a suggestion.
  2. You can't move through rooms without making a suggestion or accusation.
  3. The first player to move into a room makes a suggestion; others can disprove it with cards.