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Haiti is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. The length of the border is 242 miles. The Latude and Longitude of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince is, 18° N, 72° W. Its size is around half of Pennsylvania





Haiti's climate is tropical, which means that hot and humid are its normals. Haiti's topography comprises mountains, coastal plains, river valleys, and a central plateau. One of the key locations of Haiti is the five mountain ranges that separate the island. Massif du Nord, Montagnes Noires, Chaine de Mateaux, Massif de la Hotte, and Massif de la Selle. The country is made up of 9 departments, Artibonite, Centre, Grand 'Anse, Nord, Nord-Est, Nord-Ouest, Ouest, Sud, Sud-Est. They are then divided into 42 arrondissements, 145 communes, and 571 communal sections.


The Duvalier Dynasty

The PresidentsAssassination

The Haitian Revolution


French and Spanish Rule



The Duvalier dynasty was an autocratic dictatorship that lasted over 20 years. He disregarded the personal liberties of the Haitian people.


In 1915 the president was assassinated in Port-au-Prince. An angry mob killed the president, Jean Vilbrun Guillaume, and paraded his torn-apart body through the streets.

The Haitian Revolution, led by Toussaint Louverture, was one of the most successful slave revolutions to this day. This revolution left the Haitian people with not only the eradication of slavery for the Haitians but also the control of the once-French colony

From 1496-1697 the Spanish colonized Haiti. They brought over 1000 kidnapped Africans and enslaved them to work on the sugar farms and gold mines. But in 1795 France took ownership of the island.

Government In Haiti, that type of government is republican. The name of the small country of Haiti is Port-au-Prince. That is where all the rich people come from. The flag symbolizes peace in the country. The red is bloodshed and loss of suffering, blue represents hope and unity. Haiti’s trading partners are the USA in the first place then Canada followed by Mexico.



Haitian people live in Haiti. The world calls us Haitians, we share an island with the Dominican republic. One cultural tradition includes dancing kompa, it is a very intimate dance between others, but it doesn’t have to be all the time. With everything that’s going on right now, meaning the rebuilding of everything because of the earthquake and flood then gang violence in Haiti, the life expancet is only 64 years old.




The main religion in Haiti is Roman Catholicism. There are other religions there such as protestants and some that believe in voodoo. There isn’t much notable conflict between religions in Haiti.



Access to quality education is a crucial aspect of sustainable social and economic development, but unfortunately, the majority of Haitians still lack this access. To address this issue, for the academic year 2019-2020, USAID has partnered with UNOPS to help provide first and second-grade materials for its 416 schools across seven departments, serving approximately 34,490 students. The literacy rate in Haiti from 1982 - 2023 is 61.69%. For a child who starts school at the age of 4, it’s estimated to be about 11.4 years of schooling by their 18th birthday.



Soccer is the main sport played in Haiti. Haiti has won only two medals, a silver medal in the long jump in 1928, and their free rifle shooting team won a bronze medal in 1924. The main Stadium in Haiti is the Sylvio Cator stadium, and it is the largest stadium in Haiti. It is named after the athlete who won the silver in the long jump competition in the Olympics.



The Mild Arabica Coffee Bean is the staple crop, while Griyo is the national dish of Haiti. It is made by washing pieces of pork shoulder in lemon or lime juice and marinating it in a Haitian spice mix.



Haiti means the land of the mountains, Haiti is the poorest country in the West, Haiti was the world’s first black-led republic

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