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Seminar 3

Opening Activity

In pairs think, pair, shareWhat is the difference between academic reading and 'normal' reading - youhave 2 minutes and be prepared to feedback

Task 1 - 5 minutes

  • Remember - the skills you learn is this module are not just to be used in this module
  • Think what skills we have covered so far?
  • How can these help you in your other modules?

  • Okwanuzor has set you a task - she wants you to find an article about a very important contract law case
  • McGinnis, J. D. (1988) “Carlill V. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company : Influenza, Quackery, and the Unilateral Contract,” Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, 5(2), pp. 121–141
  • Step 1 - using the Leeds Beckett Library - find the source
  • Where do you go to find the library
  • How will you search for this article?

Task 2 (20 minutes)

It's now time to test your scanning and skimming skills

  1. Can you provide a brief summary of the case, Carlic vs Carbolic Smoke
  2. What are the parties involved in this case? Who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant
  3. What is the legal basis or cause of action for the plaintiff's claim against the defendant
  4. What specific claims or allegations has the plaintiff made against the defendant
  5. What was the decision of court in this case?
One of you is the timekeeper, one of you must feedback, one of you is the notekeeper

Closing Activity (5 mins)

As your exit ticket, send one word/idea that you have learned this week!