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ContextTeenagers (B1 level/pre-intermediate)EFL context, public high school in ChinaTeaching focusspeaking, reading, listening, writing, future tense Teaching methodTask-based language teaching

Teaching objectives

Language knowledge: use the future tense accurately, and use vocabulary related to tourism and Beijing attractionsCommunication skills: communicate effectively in English, ask and answer questions to design a day trip planCultural awareness: increase interest in Chinese culture and show respect for local cultureCollaboration and teamwork: collaborate effectively to create a successful travel plan

focused and pedagogical pluridimensional: various facets of language learning raise the awareness of traditional Chinese culture translingual practices between L1 and L2

What is "task"?

Report (15 minutes)

!!! Language Focus (10 minutes)

Planning (10 Minutes)

While-task (20 minutes)

Teaching procedures - 60 minutes

Pre-task (5 minutes)


Pre-task (5 minutes)

1. Ask students to write down their top 5 travel destinations after high school graduation 2. Tell the students to imagine how they will spend one day in the cities they have chosen 3. Explain the task to students: they should design a one-day travel plan in Beijing after high school graduation including the given four kinds of information in 20 minutes.

While-task (20 minutes)

1. Teacher divides the class into groups of four students 2. Play the video for students and ask them to write down useful information about Beijing attractions3. Hand out different materials to each student in one group, including Beijing subway map, attractions map, hotel information and restaurant information 4. Students complete this information gap task (design the travel plan together) 5. Teacher serves as monitor a) making sure all groups are doing the right task b) encouraging students to participate c) noticing the particular dynamics of group performance for later reference d) keeping time

Planning (10 Minutes)

1. Ask students to draw the chosen places and route on the subway map 2. Ask students to prepare a 2-minute oral report about the travel plan and reasons behind their choice 3. Teacher serves as language adviser a)commenting on good points b) encouraging students to use future tense to address travel plan c) using different types of CF to get students correct themselves

Report (15 minutes)

1. Ask one student from one group report back to the whole class orally 2. Teacher serves as chairperson to manage the process by selecting groups, taking notes as students share their reports, and then summarizing the key points

Design your own travel plan

Choose from options

Combine all the information

Make a travel plan

Language Focus (10 minutes)

1. Select language areas based upon the needs of the students and what emerged from the task and report phases 2. Reviewing future tense (images): Simple Future Tense (Subject + will / shall + Past Participle form of the verb + object) Future Continuous Tense (Subject + will be / shall be + ‘ing’ form of the verb + object) Future Perfect Tense (Subject + will have / shall have + Past Participle form of the verb + object) Future Perfect Continuous Tense (Subject + will have been / shall have been + ‘ing’ form of the verb + object)

Mark the places on the subway map, and draw your routine.Make a brief presentation to introduce your travel plan.


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