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By: Luisa Bohorquez Peer Tutor

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Let's talk about

Which are the most relevant historical facts in Colombia?

Passive voice

When we want to give more importance to a fact or situation, we can use the passive voice. For example:

  • The Political Constitution was promulgated in 1991

Let's create some sentences in passive voice!

You can also include the reporting verbs in passive form!

Answer the following questions about the History of Colombia. Then, try to include the passive voice in your answers!

By: Luisa Bohorquez Peer Tutor

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Ethnic diversity!

Let's talk about

Describe on your own words "Culture" & "Identity"

Then, try to explain briefly each of them, including at least one sentence with a passive voice.

Let's review!

Find in the following word search 10 different words about the ethnic diversity in Colombia.

By: Luisa Bohorquez Peer Tutor

Universal History!

Let's talk about

Checking the passive voice...

Solve the following exercises using the passive voice in different tenses

Which is the most interesting ancient civilization for you?




Hammurabi's Code


Calendar systems



Match the following aspects

and try to include sentences with passive voice.

Let's visit some museums...

  • Enjoy the exhibitions in the museum!
  • Try to identify the passive voice while you are reading the explanations.
  • Give some comments about what you see, and try to include the passive voice in your speech.


remarkable events in human history!

Try to match the events with the corresponding periods!

I'm sure you will be an amazing teacher!

-Here you will find many activities related to history and social sciences. They will be really useful when you become a teacher.

As always, you did an amazing job!

Thanks for attending!

For example: It is known that the Nobel literature prize was won by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

It is used when:

  • Give information when we don’t know for sure whether it is true or not
  • We want to distance ourselves from the source of the information.

It will boost your oral expression skill!

Reporting verbs in passive form

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