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Ninja QUIZ

Question 1/5

Ms. Sarpy bought 18 bags of prizes for the GREAT Box. Each bag contains 36 Squishy Toys. Each week she pulls three GREAT tickets for the lower grades, and three for the upper grades. How many weeks would the prizes last?

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Question 2/5

Fraser Middle School hosted a watching party for the TCU- Georgia game. There are 37 rows of seats in their Auditorium. Each row can hold 54 people. When the usher took the attendance, he noticed that 326 seats were empty. What is the total number of seats that were NOT empty.

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Question 3/5

Toni baked 3 pizzas and cut each pizza into 7 slices each. Toni and her 3 brothers ate all but 5 slices. How many slices did they eat?How many slices did each person eat?

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Question 4/5

Alejandra paid for her new phone with the money she saved from dog sitting. She saved $15 each week for 7 weeks. She used her savings as a down payment. Then she wants to pay the rest in 5 equal monthly payments. The phone costs $750. How much would she pay monthly?

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Question 5/5

If Alejandra charges $8.00 per dog, how many dogs does she have to care for each month to be able to pay her phone payment?

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