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hANDLInG Telemarketers

Establish if they are soliciting

Telemarketing Call Type'Taking Message'

Telemarketing Call Type'No Message'

Logging the call






Recognizing a telemarketer

Maintain a good call structure and obtain their name & company name, then ask them: "Are you introducing your services today?" "Are we working with you at the moment?" "Do we currently have an account with you?"

This means that the client is not interested in receiving telemarketing calls, so we can let them know: "We do not accept solicitations on this line but thank you for your call!" - then politely disconnect the call. They may ask for an email address or a postal address to send some information over - do not provide them with this and explain the following...

If the client has a call type for solicitation messages - once the call has ended, ensure the information fields are complete, you can then send the message based on the script. If the client does not want solicitation calls you will select the correct cancellation reason and cancel out of the operator screen. Please see below:

They will often start the conversation by asking: "Can I speak to the person who deals with..." "Can I speak to the department that looks after your..." You may be able to hear a busy background during the call, as they could be calling from an outbound call centre.

If the client wants to receive telemarketing calls then there will be a Telemarketer Call Type. In there will be instructions on what you need to do. For the example below, you will gather the callers information and email it to the client:

Often referred to as an unsolicited call (a call we never asked for!). Most of our clients are too busy to receive these calls, however there are a small selection that do. This guide will walk you through your steps.