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Gunnell 2024

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the competition

Your Scouts will need Patrol kit: tents and a dining shelter for their team, cooking equipment and tables and benches. Leaders and Explorers just need your personal kit - catering is all done for you. More detailed packing list on the Gunnell webpage

Start: 18:00 Friday 14 June 2024 Closing ceremony: 11:00 Sunday 16 June 2024

Winning Patrol 2022 Scouts have been competing to find the best campers for as long as there have been Scout camps. Gunnell Scout camping competition has run annually for decades with local Scouts competing to be the best Patrol in the District.

The camp will be on North Field, Lyons Copse Patrols will have a roped off area for their site

Rules and information for Gunnell 2024 can be downloaded from the Gunnell webpage

Patrols will be scored on their camping skills

Rules and scoring

  • The team
  • The campsite layout
  • Sleeping tents
  • Dining shelter
  • Camp gadget
  • Cooking
  • Eating