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Event Planning UNIT 1 Planning an event

What will you decide to do?


Criteria linked tasks to complete


Discuss the sectors

What to consider when using images when advertising your event.

Starter Task

UNIT 1 Planning an Event


Find a good example of a leisure.

Find a good example of a corporate event.

Find a good example of a sports event.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Explain and discuss the sectors - we will then record your answers using voice recorder.

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You should have completed this and uploaded this to class notebook UNIT 1 1.2

Fill in the box


What sort of event could you connect this image too?


What sort of event could you connect these image too?

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In small groups discuss the duties and responsibilities of an event planner/coordinator - UNIT 1, 2.1 Now write these down on class notebook. Share with the group

2.2 Outline the skills required of an event planner/coordinator.Create an example CV for someone who has done event planning/coordinating making sure you are showing the types of skills they use as part of their role. Find companies that they may have worked for linked to events this and upload this into your class notebook area. UNIT 1, 2.2

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Produce an outline plan for an event of their choice 3.1 produce an outline plan for a selected event. Include: • purpose and type of the event • event partners • budget overview • performers and/or participants • appropriate timelines • physical and human resources required • target audience • promotional activities Show this as part of your Christmas & Easter Proposal

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What is a business contingency plan? A business contingency plan is a strategy that outlines the steps your business’ teams will take in the event of a crisis occurring. It is essentially the backup plan that goes into action when the worst-case scenario occurs. The goal of your contingency plan is to help your business stay up and running after an issue arises.

In groups of 3 - Decide on an event and then decide 5 potential risks that could occur during that event. Then swap with another group - now decide your contingency plans for the risks.

Be able to plan for unexpected situations 4.1 explain the need for a contingency plan Complete this in your class note book area. 4.2 produce a contingency plan covering 2 unexpected situations at the selected event. Include: • one incident that can be managed by personnel working at the event • one incident that requires outside assistance from the emergency services Show this in your Christmas & Easter events proposal.

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Works 202X

Take a look at this video. Now spend sometime with your team mate and consider this with your event proposals.

Understand the importance of security measures and Health and Safety at events 5.1 Explain the importance of including security measures when planning the selected event. 5.2 Explain the importance of incorporating Health and Safety requirements in the event planning process.Please complete these sections in your class note book area.

5.3 provide 2 examples of Health and Safety requirements for the selected event.5.4 describe how to carry out a risk assessment for an activity at the selected event. Write this in your class notebook area. Now create your own risk assessment for your Christmas/Easter proposal. This must be shown in your proposal.

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Sports event means a game, match, race or similar competitive event associated with a Governing Body in its entirety or a particular in-game, live occurrence such as, but not limited to, a particular play or score.

Here is a list of some of the events you may connect with this image.
  • Wedding fair
  • Corporate event
  • Afternoon tea
  • Concert
  • Sports
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Leisure events are activities people participate in when free, maybe in the evenings or weekends. Activities are taken during free time outside the mandatory time. These are activities taken for pleasure, relaxation, or other satisfactions, typically after work and completion of other responsibilities.

A corporate event is any form of event, hospitality or social activity which is organised or funded by a business entity. With such a broad definition, the target audience for corporate events can be equally as broad, including but not limited to: Employees. Board members.

Here is a list of some of the events you may connect with this image.
  • Space
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Corporate - architecture
  • Concert - orchestra
  • Escape room event
Things to consider when using images in your proposals and event advertising.

What should you avoid when selecting an image for marketing an event?Images that are too busy or hard to read, or that don't accurately represent the event.What should you consider when selecting an image for marketing an event? The size, shape, and resolution of the image, as well as the message it conveys. What is the best type of image for marketing an event? A high-resolution image that conveys the event's message in an interesting way.What is the most important factor when choosing an image for marketing an event? The message the image conveys about the event.What should you avoid when selecting an image for marketing an event? Images that are too busy or hard to read, or that don't accurately represent the event.