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Almost time for Jeopardy!

Jocelyn Martinez

Learning Objective

The students will use their minds to answer questions from the game Science Jeopardy.

Studying Time!!


I want everyone to think of a topic we went through this year and tell me what topic and was,it hard for you or easy and could you understand the information from that topic.


Try to think of ways of how everyone can make studying time fun or games we could do but also use our knowledge of science.

Buddy Up

I want everyone find a buddy, and you'll tell how you can get prepared for the Science Jeopardy, and you can think creative and unique ways everyone can get ready for the Jeopardy.
  • Notebook
  • Flashcards
  • Textbook
  • Your study guide


Ready for Jeopardy

Rules of Jeopardy

  1. You'll work with your table group or I will put everyone in groups
  2. Use your notes not your computer
  3. You have 3 tries to answer your question
  4. You'll have a minute to answer each question