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UNIT 2 Customer Service Session 4

Click on the ticks to see what we will be doing today. Learning intentions to explore Outcome 3 further.

Revisit last week and finish work



Check before half term

Become Troy Hawks for 15 minutes


Make sure you have a piece of paper and pen with you to keep a tally of how many people welcome your positivity and how many give you a negative response. Remember be appropriate in your positive comments. Your 15 minutes start when you have found a suitable position to greet people. you must inform me where you are going to be.

Ensure you have reviewed all your class note book work that has been set so far. Make sure this is complete. I will be marking this over the holidays. Thank you. :)


You should have all watched this video by now. What impact do you think he has? why is this relevant to customer service?

Starter task