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Chapter 3 Choice Board

Interactive Review Game


Other Self-Paced Reviews

Vocab Review Games

Which Empire is Which

Digital Filing Cabinet

Self-PacedReview GameGimkit

Study Guides and Vocab Practices

Early Tester

SElf-Paced Review Game Blooket

Interactive Review Game

  • As a class we are going to complete a peardeck and either Blooket, Kahoot, or Gimkit today!
  • If watching the recording please select another review option!
  • If you are here live, follow the instructions on the shared screen to get started!


Click on the images to play a self paced or solo review game. Click on the Padlet for image for more games.

Take time to review at your own pace!

Vocab Review Games

  • Need a little more vocabulary practice before your test. Pick a review game to suit your needs.

Which is Which?

We learned about several empires/civilizations and legacies in this chapter. Let's practice identifying them. Click on the images to play a game.

Legacy practice

Empire practice

Digital Filing Cabinet Unit

If you need vocabulary lists, answer keys or guided notes check out your Digital Filing Cabinet for Unit 3 by clicking on the picture.

Review Game

Press on the icon below to play a gimkit. The blue icon is Emoji vocab while the grey uses regular images.

Need a Gimkit Review?

Love Gimkit and want to play another version?

Study Guide & Vocab

Want written practice for the test...Study GuideVocab Practice

Early Tester


  • I reviewed my notes.
  • I studied the Review PPT.
  • I played the review game.
  • I reviewed this genially.
  • I completed the study guide.

If you answered yes to all the statements above and you are ready to complete your test, please use this time to complete your test early!

Blooket Self-Paced REviews

Love playing BlooketHere are some blooket games for you to enjoy. Click on each image to play a different review.