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The learners for this lesson are secondary students in grades ninth through twelvth (9-12) grades. These students are also enrolled in the Health Information Technology Course as First or Second Year Students.


6.2. Differentiate between various health care systems/organizations. DOK 26.7. Research and describe ways in which health information technology has improved interdepartmental communication and how that has improved the patient experience. DOK 2

State of MS Health Information Technology Standard 6.2 and 6.7

State of MS Health Information Technology Standard 6.2 and 6.7

1.3. Students build knowledge by actively exploring real-world issues and problems, developing ideas and theories, and pursuing answers and solutions.

ISTE sTANDARD 1.3 KNowledge constructor

ISTE Standard 1.3

LESSON StandardS


  • SREB PRoject 1.2 Student Handbook
  • American Red Cross Site and Education Material
  • Guest Speaker on Public Health
  • Guest Speaker Handout
  • Film on Mass Casualty (Active Shooter)
  • Film on Natural and Manmade Disasters
  • Film Review Handouts



Teacher CoachingandFeedback


Student Inquiry






There will be two rubrics provided. One rubric is the presentation that will be utilized in the Public Presentation. A different rubric will be used on the performance part of the project.


The summative assessments for this lesson is the Active Shooter Handbook, Public Presentation of the Handboook and Performance on the Mock Mass Casualty Event.

Summative Assessment

Formative assessments for this lesson will be daily journal entries, daily topics via discussion board, daily check-ins and instructor observations.

fORMATIVE Assessment


Presentation Rubric

I usually begin the lesson with a daily topic. That topic can be a prompt about the lesson or a short video on the lesson and I would have the student provide their opinion via the LMS Discussion board. For example, I would post different short film clips of active shooter and/or natural disaster that are news based and provide a prompt for students to respnd to about them. Such prompts would be: Do you think more people could have been saved if the process for lockdown was different? If you were in charge of the natural disaster team, how would you evacuate the building in order to save everyone?

The public presentation for this lesson can be in two separate items. The students are to present their Active Shooter Handbook to a panel that consist of the instructor, an administrator and an industry representative. The students will also participate in a mock mass with the Health Sciences and Law and Public Safety classes.

In this lesson, the instructor will serve as the facilitator and provide weekly feedback on the student assignment. If the notes that the students are having difficulty with a concept, there will be mini lesson on the topic/concept. Instructor will also provide written feedback on final products. (deliverables)

Students will utilize various information facets (online, in person, interviews, film review) to develop an understanding of what disaster events are and why containing them is so pivotal. They will also pose various questions via their daily journal and discussion post to address.