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What is music

Machines and Algorithms: Machines are expected to greatly facilitate the tasks of musical creation and composition through different artificial intelligence models and very advanced automation algorithms in software and hardware.

Electronic Music: Electronic music will definitively establish itself while acoustic music will lose steam

Synthesizers and Electronic Pianos: The presence of synthesizers and electronic pianos in music is likely to become increasingly vital.

Advances in technological and organizational fields have also affected the way musicians create.

The Digital Future:

High technology can distribute low culture, while high culture can persist with a low technological level.

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Protection of Musical Creators:

For musicians to make a living from their work, it is a necessary condition that a live music scene exists.

Artificial intelligence and advanced automation algorithms in software and hardware could greatly facilitate the tasks of musical creation and composition.

Composition With AI

Music, an art form that uses sound as a means of expression, has been an integral part of every known culture throughout history. Its origin dates back to prehistory, where it is believed that it arose in relation to mating rituals and collective work. The first musical instruments were rudimentary objects such as bones, reeds, logs and shells. Over time, music has evolved in parallel with society, reflecting cultural, religious, war and festive changes. From the Gregorian chants of the Middle Ages to the electronic music of today, music remains a powerful medium to express emotions and connect people.

What is Music?

Exotic “electronified” genres and mixtures of indigenous genres are expected to emerge. There will also be “play-offs” of genres that are gradually being lost, as happened with electroswing and the forgotten jazz of the 20s.

Genres of the Future: