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Wake Forest UniversityBenson University CenterACUI Region III, November 2023

Kathleen Hurley and Leigh Myers

Hiring and Supervising International Students

Gives them marketable experience for jobs in the US and abroad

Can help the university be more attractive to international students

Helps American students grow and learn cultural humility

Contributes to sense of belonging for student employees and student body

Student employees can reflect the diversity of the student body

A unique way to get involved on campus

The Why

Benson Student Employees by Geographic Origin 2023-2024

WFU Undergraduate Enrollment by Geographic Origin 2022-2023

Countries represented at WFU

is visual

Benson Student Employees 2023-2024
Wake Forest University Enrollment 2022-2023

Collect necessary documentation to apply for SSN

Hiring Process for International Students

Step 3

Fill out Foreign National Information Form

Step 2

Obtain a formal offer letter from supervisor

Step 1




Request a Social Security Letter from institution (at WFU this is through the Center for Immigration Services and Support)

Hiring Process for International Students

Step 6

Fill out non-resident tax forms (8233) with the Payroll office

Step 5

Supervisor starts hiring process with HR (WFU Workday)

Step 4



Student can begin work! Students can work for up to 30 days while waiting for Social Security Card.As soon as the Social Security Card arrives, the student must take it to Human Resources to complete I -9.

Hiring Process for International Students

Step 9

Take the receipt from the Social Security Office to Human Resources and begin to fill out the I-9

Step 8

Take an in person trip to local Social Security Office with all necessary documentation

Step 7



Paying attention to global politics and campus response

Value of one-on-one training and follow up

Navigating given vs. chosen names

Supervising/training students with a language barrier

Questions and Things We've Learned

What about the budget? And Federal Work Study?

I got to learn about the "vibe" in a work environment in the U.S., and I was able to improve my communication skills, verbally and in writing.

I feel more engaged in this community

I have more sense of belonging

I think most of the time people just treat me like a normal student instead of "an international student", which makes the work place inclusive; and most of my co-workers greet each other, so it's a really good working environment.

Other places on campus usually prioritize non-international students (e.g., the library) and/or they need special skills that I do not possess (e.g., gym positions)

Since I got an SSN from this job, I was able to apply for credit cards and build my credit score, so very helpful also from a living perspective!

Quotes from our team



DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR SSN APPLICATION: ❏ Passport ❏ F-1 or J-1 Visa Stamp (except Canadian citizens)❏ I-94 record (http://cbp.gov/i94) ❏ Form I-20 (F1) or Form DS-2019 (J1) ❏ Letter from WFU ISS Office/Program Sponsor verifying student and employment status. Request online: http://global.wfu.edu/iss/ssn/ ❏ Offer letter from employer (this should include salary, supervisor name, department, your job title, and brief duties. (The letter should be printed on department/company letterhead) ❏ Completed application form (SS-5): https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ss-5.pdf