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Creativity Critical Thinking Communication Collaboration


A mashup is the merging of the design and function of one technology and one random object to produce an entirely new product that uses both pieces creatively and effectively. The final design does not have to use ALL characteristics of the two objects used to create it, but it should use some of each.

“Technological Mashup”

There are two categories: Technology and Object

  • Divide into small groups.
  • Each group will be given one Tech and two Objects.
  • Select one Object to mashup with the one Tech.
  • Each group will use creativity to design a version of this technological mashup that can be used in our world today. (10-15 minutes to design)
  • Present your results: Draw and/or describe creation.

Creativity(Innovation) Exercise

Creativity Critical Thinking Communication Collaboration

Divide into same groups. Each group will have 10-15 minutes to find and discuss the following:

  1. What does your group find to be the greatest invention of all time.
  2. Explain why this selection was made.
  3. Research how the inventor came about developing the invention and select a surprising fact based on your findings.
  4. What would the world look like without this selected invention?
Each group will present their invention to the entire class, including findings and opinions.

Invention Exercise

Creativity: is the gateway to innovation and discovery. There are no limits to how creative someone or something can be. It is how inventions and processes have been improved over time.Invention: These great thinkers developed life-changing inventions through passion, discovery, creativity, and innovation. There is always a motive and a combination of ideas in all inventions. These are all qualities and skills students need to develop to thrive in the 21st century. You have the power to drive and create change.

Activity Takeaway

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