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I'm black and spooky, I fly at night, You might see me in the pale moonlight. With fangs that bite and eyes so red, What am I? Can you guess?

I'm small and black, a witch's delight, I'm often seen on Halloween night. I bring good luck, some people say, But in a pot, I might just stay. What am I?

Once upon a time in a small town, there is a young boy named Tim. He loves Halloween more than any other holiday. His mother always makes his breakfast because she is a chef. He doesn't go to his school on this day. Tim decides to dress up as a ghost every year. He walks down his neighborhood street where his brother goes to the gym on Lucas Street. The houses are decorated with pumpkins and spiders. Tim goes from house to house, knocking on doors and shouting, "Trick or treat!" He gets all sorts of sweets- chocolate bars, lollipops. The neighbours are friendly and very nice. He is not lonely. His friend joins him every year. They share stories about the witches. They walk together and enjoy it. Tim is happy. He goes to bed with a smile.

Task : Create your own qestions

Does Tim love Halloween ?

Does he get chocolate bars ?

Is Tim happy?

Are neigbours friendly ?