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Enter the cabin

Enter the woods

You find yourself in front of a decrepit cabin deep in the heart of a creepy forest in the dead of night, the dreaded Necronomicon, Book of the Dead, clutched tightly in your hand. The eerie whispers of dark spirits send shivers down your spine. You know you must confront the evils lurking within the woods, but you know you must first make a choice: face the evil in the cabin head-on, or try to find a way out of the forest, away from the cursed cabin.

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Search for a weapon to defend yourself

Upon entering the cabin, you sense the air thicken with an unsettling presence. Suddenly, the door slams shut behind you. You're trapped!

Use tape recorder to play messages from the Necronomicon


Follow the path

You decide to make a run for it and try to find a way out of the forest, fearing the cabin's malevolent aura. As you venture deeper into the trees, you feel as though something has been following you. Do you follow the faint path that seems to lead out of the forest, or do you find a place to hide from the presence?

Grab the knife

As you search the kitchen for a suitable weapon, the entity breaks through the window as a possessed rabbit! After a tussle, the wise guy gets a good bite into your hand. You're able to hack the little sucker into tofu, but now your hand is getting a mind of its own. It's been possessed! There's only one way to ensure the demons don't take your soul as well. You know what to do.

You feel the evil forces surrounding the cabin. Soon you hear a banging on the front door. The demons have begun to possess the dead buried nearby! Even with your super macho chainsaw hand, you can't survive this encounter just with brute force. Knowby instructed that you read the passages from the Necronomicon to permanently banish the evil forces, but it could be risky. One wrong syllable and the universe itself could implode. You spot a few gallons of gasoline and a flare gun. Maybe you could burn the cabin along with the book, and get this mess over with. But would that banish the demons for good?

Light it up!

Use the book

Okay, so you underestimated how hard it would be to read passages in a dead language with no screw-ups. You read the incantations with the confidence of a nerd trying to get to second base at homecoming, squeeze your eyes shut, and wait for a sinkhole to open right under you. By the grace of Knowby's ghost, or just sheer dumb luck, the banging at the doors cease. You feel the Necronomicon rapidly heat up in your hand, so you drop it, watching as it liquidizes and seeps into the cracks of the floorboard. The Deadites outside are now boiling puddles of... whatever. These suckers aren't coming back anytime soon. Now, to solve the true mystery of this cabin: where did this guy keep his beer?END

You start the recorder and hear the voice of Professor Knowby, who uncovered the Necronomicon from ancient Medieval ruins. The first recording is of him describing his findings and reading a summoning incantation from the book. You suddenly feel something stirring in the cabin, as if something had awakened. The second recording, Knowby explains that reading the passage aloud released evil Kandarian demons into the surrounding woods, inviting them to possess anything living or dead. According to his findings, the only way to defeat them is to bind the evil force using the incantations from the Necronomicon, only if done correctly. The recording ends, and you must now make a choice.

Face the evil forces head-on

Attempt to flee the cabin and deal with the consequences later

You find a blood-crusted machete on the kitchen floor. The voices from outside become louder and louder, approaching the window to your right.

Defend yourself!

Get out of the kitchen!

Going down the path, you suddenly hear a rustling behind you. You turn around. You don't see anything, but you know that the evil presence is right. There. After a moment, you hear a roaring from the forest and feel a gust of wind coming towards you. You sprint down the path as fast as you can, tearing through thorns brushes and branches as you go. Suddenly, something catches your ankle and you faceplant into a puddle of... hopefully mud. Then, a vine catches around your neck. The woods... they're alive! Next thing you know, you're being coccooned by various plantlife, sinking down into the earth of the cursed grounds. As you get your last glimpse of the night sky, you realize... you left the stove on at home.END

By severing your hand, you also sever a bit of the demon's power. It hurts like hell, but a little bit of blood loss-induced shock won't kill you. You then head off to the workshed to get an upgrade: a brand-new, state-of-the-art chainsaw will do. Groovy!

Alright, demons, come get some!

Why not? You douse the interior of the cabin with the gasoline, making sure to get the book extra greasy. Seeing as you can't fight your way through the horde of Deadites, you shoot the flare at the book just before opening the door to run. You get knocked back, along with the door, from the following explosion. The Deadites burn along with the cabin, but you don't stick around to check that the book is destroyed as well. Who would? That's someone else's problem now. END

You find a hollow dead tree to take shelter in. It's damp and cold, but it's better than whatever evil is lurking nearby. You wait for what feels like eons until dawn, not even catching a wink of sleep. Groggily, you shuffe down the path you saw earlier until you hit the edge of the woods. You spot a road and throw up a thumb. Screw this. Whoever sent you there can fix their own problems. Who even... how did you even get there-? Oh! Someone's pulling over. Getting into the backseat, you still feel that same heavy presence from the woods. Hopefully these spirits aren't the kind that follow you home.END