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How to practice Sustainable Fashion

By Ayisha Diaby


Learning Outcomes

  • Healthy Alternatives: Students will be able to partake in sustainability efforts and make conscious choices when shopping/ investing in clothing.
  • Revenue: Users will be able to buy, sell, and trade items which will allow them to save or earn money.
  • Niche: Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with other individuals that share similar interests and overall promote community.

    Course Introduction

    Date my closet is an app made for college students looking to buy, sell, and trade clothing items and accessories in an effort to promote sustainability and college students’ pockets. This will be a microlearning course on fast fashion alternatives.

    Module 1

    Combatting Fast Fashion with Sustainability

    Module 2

    An overview of Greenwashing

    Module 3

    Further Research

    Module 1

    Explain module 1 focal point and main goal


    A brief Overview of Fast Fashion

    A brief Overview of Second hand Shopping

    Pros & Cons of Second Hand Shopping Apps

    Question 1

    Question 2

    Module 2

    Decribe module 2 outcomes and goals


    What is Greenwashing and why does it matter?

    Greenwashing is a marketing tactic used by big brands to decieve consumers in order to gain profit

    An Introduction to Greenwashing

    Insert a video

    Module 3

    Describe module 3 goals and outcomes pertaining to doing further research


    No one wins the fast fashion debate

    Sustainable fashion practices

    Discuss further tips on how to combat problematic fashion brands

    + info

    Educate yourself

    Discuss the methods of tracking down where the source of your clothes came from


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