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Getting Help

Getting help

What is the number that you call if someone is seriously hurt or in danger?

When to call 911?



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1) There is a fire in my house. Should I call 911?2) My mom/dad is asleep and won't wake up. Should I call 911?3) A stranger breaks into my home and hurts my parents. Should I call 911?4) I am bored and want to talk5) My mom/dad got hurt, and can't stand up. Should I call 911?6) My friend is having an allergic reaction and their face is swelling up. Should I call 911?7) My dog/cat is really sick. Should I call 911?8) A stranger offers me candy and asks me to come with them. Should I call 911?

Day 2

Day 2

Who may show up to help?


How to call 911?

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You must only call 911 when someone needs immediate help or is in immediate danger