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Comprehension Questions

Flowers for AlgernonBY DANIEL kEYES

  • Select a character from the story other than Charlie. Use a first-person writing style to express “your” feelings, impressions, and factual data about Charlie in “your” journal.

After reading: Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes -

5. How did the operation affect Charlie’s relationship with people surrounding him?6. How did the doctors know that the operation was not going to be permanentlysuccessful?7. Why might an intelligence-altering operation be unethical or risky?8. Why did the doctors not want Charlie to see Algernon after the surgery?9. How did Charlie’s friends react to his becoming smarter?10. How was knowing what the outcome would be difficult for Charlie?

Directions: Using information from the story and prior knowledge, answer these open-ended questions with extended response statements. The answers should be in complete sentences. 1. How did having little or no intelligence affect Charlie’s feelings, emotions, and perceptions?2. Why did Miss Kinnian feel that Charlie was the best candidate for the operation?3. Why were Charlie and Algernon subjected to the same tests?4. How did the operation affect Charlie’s intelligence and his personality?

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