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A exploration of your hometown


Module 2: 5 Themes of Geography Project


Your Project- Five Themes of Your Hometown

For your project, you will be researching your hometown.What is a hometown?
  • Hometown is the place where one was born or grew up.
  • Since you all are still growing, this could be where you live now or a place you have lived in the past.

On the below padlet, add your hometown to the map by clicking the pink plus sign.

Locate Your Hometown

Did you have creative idea for this project not in our options list? Ask your teacher and get approved. This was a comic book about a students' hometown.

Comic book

Create a travel video of your hometown. Click the icon below to watch the example video of Harrisburg


Create a poster to show off your hometown. Convince us to come visit you!


Get excited: Here are some past examples!

Directions ViDEO


You got the questions? We have the answers!

Steps: 1. Open Canvas and head to Social Studies 7 2. Then click on Module 2 3. Open to the Graphic Organizer Page 4. Click EDIT DOCUMENT and then EDIT again. 5. Start editing.

Let's get to work on the graphic organizer together

Steps: 1. Open Google Earth in a web browser 2. Search for your hometown by typing in its name 3. Check out the bottom right hand corner to find absolute location4. Recording your findings

We will need to find your hometown's absolute location. Steps: 1. Open Google in a web browser 2. Search ( Your hometown name) + absolute location 3. Record your findings or


We will need to find your hometown's relative location. Steps: 1. Open Google Earth in a web browser 2. Search your hometown name3. Check out the map- what other cities or town is your hometown close too. What direction is it from there? 4. Create your example- be sure to include another location as a reference.


Continue to work on your graphic organizer!