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Build Lessons for Class Write text dependent questions for class assignments.

How does MagicSchool’s AI help teachers?

Generate Original Content Replace outdated textbooks with relevant and personalized content for students.

Communicate with Families Generate professional emails to parents to partner in their child’s education.

Differentiate to Reach All Students Level and scaffold texts for students on different reading levels.

Teachers experience burnout at high rates.

More than four in 10 K-12 teachers in the U.S. (44%) say they "always" or "very often" feel burned out at work—outpacing all other industries nationally. (Gallup)

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Use the Common Misconception Generator & address one that may occur in your subject area. Take the next 10 minutes to generate something with AI and modify it appropriately for your work!

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Check for Bias and Accuracy: AI might occasionally produce biased or incorrect content. Always double-check before sharing with students. The 80-20 Approach: Use AI for initial work, but make sure to add your final touch, review for bias and accuracy, and contextualize appropriately for the last 20%. Your Judgement Matters: See AI-generated content as a starting point, not a final solution. Always adhere to your school's guidelines. Know the Limits: The AI's knowledge stops at 2021, so be aware when dealing with recent topics. Protect Privacy: Don't include personal student details like names or addresses. We strive to promptly remove any accidentally submitted information.

How to Use MagicSchool Responsibly!

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