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Why Medical Marijuana Should be Legalized

Presented by: Faith Shoff

Legalization for Acceptance

Legalization for the Economy

Legalization for Public Health

Legalization for Justice

Legalization for the Enviroment

"Why should it be legal?"

  1. Decrease in deforistation.
  2. Hemp matures quicker supplying 1 acre in 4 months comapered to 4 to 10 acres over a 20 year time period

Hemp Paper

  1. Marijuana plants can be used to make some of the most sustainable fabric
  2. It requires a third of the water neccesary for growing cotton

Hemp Fabric

Cannabis and hemp environmental benefits include proven effectiveness at absorbing contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, rodentcides and more from the soil through a process called phytoremediation.

Soil Cleansing

According to The Yale Ledger...

Legalization for the Enviroment

Some of these conditions include anxiety, depression, cancer, chronic plane relief, etc.Medical marijuana does not guarantee the complete recover from the medical conditions listed. It only ensures relief. There are multiple different strands of medical marijuana, and by communicating with your doctor you will recieve the best strand that fits your specific needs.

There are a multitude of health conditions medical marijuana can help

Legalization for Public Health

Legalization could also enforce justice and equity for margianalized comunitiesResearch shows that Black Americans are four times likely to be arrested for possesion that White AmericansBy regulating the sale and cultivation of cannibis, it could lead to less involvement in the black markiet and criminal organizations.This could ensure safer communities and reduced drug-related violence

In 2021 Pennsylvania police arrested over 13,000 people for marijuana possesion. - 12,439 adults, and 1,057 juvenilesOn average, police made 38 marijuana-related arrests per day in Pennsylvania. In all, 45 percent of all substance possession arrests in the state were for marijuana-related charges.By legalizing marijuana it will result in less court causts and burden on the criminal justice system Legalization would free up law enforcement resources to focus on more serious crimes and reduce the number of people incarcerated for non-violent drug offensesThis could help to reduce the overall prison population and save taxpayers money.

Legalization for Justice


Legalizing marijuana would open up jobs in the cannibis industry

$1.2 billion

in cannibis tax revenue

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Legalization for the Economy

This industry can provide jobs in cultivation, processing, and retail sales. This can help decrease unenployment and create more oppurtunities. Cannibis legalization could also increase investment oppurtunities leading to newer and better products and technologies.

If marijuana becomes legal it would then become oversaw by the government meaning it could be taxed. This tax revenue would boost the economy. In 2021 California brought $1.2 billion dollars in taxes from the sale of marijuana. This money could be used in a number of ways includingt debt, public services, and projects.

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"By legalizing cannabis, we can harness the power of a therapeutic plant."

Legalization would help stop the stigma around the use of marijuana. Instead of being seen as a criminalized drug, it can be seen as a medicine for physical, mental, and social wounds.

Legalization for Acceptence