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In 1969 Dr Meredith Belbin started to study team behaviours.The team roles Belbin identified are used by thousands of organisations all over the world today.The roles measure behaviour NOT personality.Belebin suggests that the most effective teams have all roles present.The roles fit into three categories: Thinking, Action, and People:

Explores opportunities and develops contactsI like to call them 'the Schmoozer'Outgoing, enthusiastic and communicativeCan lose interest once initial enthusiasm has passed

Resource Investgator

Ideas PeopleGenerates ideas and solves difficult problems.'Plants the seed'Creative, imaginative and innovative.Can be too preoccupied to communicate effectively, why do you think that is?


Sees all opinions and judges accuratelyStrategic thinkersLacks driveIs not able to inspire othersCan be overly critical

Monitor Evaluator

Clarifies goals and delegates effectivelyMature, confident and identifies talentCan be seen as manipulativeOffloads own share of work


Whips the team into shapeHas the drive and courage to overcome obstaclesProne to provocationOffends people's feelings


The role of the completer finisher is to polish and perfectPainstaking, conscientious and anxiousInclined to worryRelunctant to delegate

Completer Finisher

Turns ideas into actionOrganises the work that needs to be donePractical, reliable and efficientCan be inflexibleSlow to respond to new possibilities


Just as important as all the other rolesOnce work has been organised and goals clarified they get on with the task in handCo-operative, perceptive and discerningListens and averts frictionIndecisiveAvoids confrontation


Provides the knowledge and skills that are rare in supply.Single-minded, self-starting and dedicatedContributes only on a narrow frontDwells on technicalities