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Foreshortening is a technique that involves using lines and geometry to project an object into space, giving it a sort of 3D effect. Paolo Uccello tries to do this throughout the painting, but one example is this soldier lying dead on the floor. Looking at his body, we can see that it is not entirely even, with his shoulders seemingly much larger than his feet. This creates the illusion of the body lying away from the viewer. His attempt is somewhat successful, as i


Linear Perspective

Linear perspective is a technique that uses lines to create the illusion of depth in a flat surface, by connecting everything to a vanishing point. Uccello utilizes linear persepective here, and acheives it with the lances broken at the bottom of the painting. These move everything back and towartds the vanishing point whihc is at the center above the white horses's head. He does this quite well, but he is able to hide some of the details with the bushes in the background so that the vaninshing point is not actually visable.

Disguised Symbolism

This painting contains images of Orange trees, which as we discussed in class is a common symbol of wealth in Florence, and it also can be a symbol for the Medici family. While I have not done extensive research on Uccello or this painting, I know that he was in Florence for some time and my presumption is that when he was commissioned to paint this it was to show either the wealth of his patrons or allegiance to the Medici family.

Technique: Tempera

Tempera technique involves mixing piments of color with a water and egg mixture to create paint. It is then applied to wood panels.