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Atmospheric perspective is displayed here through the transformation of the mountains as they become further in distance. This represents the natural phenomena of more distance within the atmosphere as further objects have less clarity than nearer objects. In the background, the mountains become less vidid and color gets paler. Alongside the illusion of the mountains getting further, the clouds going from a vibrant blue to a faint color represents distance. Pictorial space is being defined by this perspective as the artist makes the impression of 3 dimensional space.

The Miraculous Draft of Fishes was created by Konrad Witz in 1444 as a dedicated altarpiece for St. Peter. In the artwork, Konrad sets the scene on Lake Geneva with the tones of the dark mountains and snow covered mountains in the distance. He successfully depicted the nuance of light and water through the surface, figures, and overall composition. Alongside his success of depicting reflection, Witz also adds refraction in the portrayal of Peter. As Peter is reaching towards Jesus, his lower body is visible through the water. Witz's style of representational style through realistic landscapes of religious set him aside from other artist. His sense of realism helped audience familiarize the landscape as a real place, Lake Geneva. He helped convict the realistic nature of his paintings through the oil painting technique because of its ability to convey the natural textures, reflections and depth of the world.

Texture is related to the materials used in a work of art, and in this case we notice that oil paint is being used to convey different textures. Realistic texture is the illusion depicted through the rough pebble surface by the water. Texture is also being shown through the detailing of the grass next to the rocks on the surface. The ground and the cloth that the figures are wearing which creates the illusion of feeling towards roughness or smoothness. This sense of realism and depth enhances the drama and message of the scene.

The composition of the painting is in a zigzag because the arrangement of forms is going in different directions rather than focused on a central point. A prominent composition of the time was a triangle/ pyramid, but this art shows the various elements arranged throughout the picture. First our guides us to Jesus, then goes Peter, thirdly our eyes go to the boat. Next, our focus goes to the small building to right, then to the mountains, and ends up at the sky. This composition successfully demonstrates the tension of the scene and the illusion of space.

The light reflected off the waters surface and stones under water represents realism through representation style.Realism is a type of representation style that helps the artist represent the world in a way that it describes visual appearance accurately. The illusion of space and depth helps the audience to the truth and dramatizes the scene.

The element being shown is contour line which defines or separates forms.This rectilinear form is being created by the corners forming the edge of the squared turret. The lines create an illusion of depth without a color change on the edge.