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Lego4Strat Sim (1')

STEP 1: Visioning (20')

STEP 2a: Planning (5')

(x 3)

STEP 2b: Sprinting (7')

Visioning (20')Planning (5')Sprinting (7')Reviewing (3')Retrospecting (5')Reflections & Deep Learning (20')

STEP 2c: Reviewing (3')

3 sprints

STEP 2d: Retrospecting (5')

We are to build a model of a start-up city-incubator-accelerator where teams of passionate innovators come to stay, work and have fun. Let’s call it a Silicon Village!. There, teams usually have a place to stay for several weeks to be able to work together on their ideas. Because of their focus on work, each team prefers living independently from other teams (e.g. in cottages), but they of course would also benefit from having common areas to eat, meet and network, this is where they get to learn from other teams and build on top of each other’s ideas. Importantly teams come to the Silicon Village to produce demos of their innovative products, pitch to the investors and raise seed investment, so they need some infrastructure to be able to work full speed (high-bandwidth internet, data centers, labs, conference centers, etc).Once in a while, weekly, investors come over for a big product demo (a start-up pitching event) to pick a start-up to invest in…

Hall of Fame

STEP 3: Reflections & Deep Learning (20')

  • Learning to Adapt Strategy (3 iterations)
  • Dealing with Complexity
  • Inter-Team Collaboration (one vision, one city, many teams)
  • Team Roles

Cotton Ball Race (30')

ObjectiveMove as many cotton balls as possible from one side to the other.Play the game (20')

  • All teams start at the same time
  • All team members should play in turn
  • The player will be blindfolded and can use only one hand. The other hand behind her/his back
  • The other team members will support the player by giving directions verbally. They are not allowed to touch him/her.
  • If the player drops the cotton ball, the player will start from the beginning
  • The facilitators will be watching
Reflections (10')

  • Dealing With Uncertainty
  • Empathy
  • Trust

Ballpoint Game (30')

  • Everyone is on the same team
  • Each person must contact each object during each round
  • Each object must independently have “air time.”
  • No passes to your direct neighbour (to your left or right)
  • Start point = Endpoint
  • Five sprints of 2' each (5 x 2 = 10')
  • One 2' retrospective after each sprint (5 x 2 = 10')
  • Reflection/deep learning (10')

  • Learning to Adapt Strategy
  • Dealing with Volatility & Ambiguity
  • Innovation (rules changing half-way)
  • Team Roles