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Dr. Dario Luis Banegas

How could we merge CLIL and CSE? Key concepts and practices

6 · Q&A

5 · Implications

4 · Examples

3 · How?

2 · CSE

1 · CLIL


(Banegas & Zappa-Hollman, 2023; Hemmi & Banegas, 2021)

What is it?How is it usually implemented?


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((Coyle et al. 2010; Coyle & Meyer, 2021)


(Banegas & Mearns, 2013)

Language Quadriptych

Cognitive discourse functions (Dalton-Puffer, 2016)


(Accardo & Mangini, 2021, p. 162)

"The development of a gender perspective involves a critical examination of power and unequal relations between sexed bodies. In the case of Argentina, the passing of Law 26,150 created a National CSE Program, which enforces the teaching of a responsible sexuality education from a gender and human rights perspective."

Accardo & Mangini, 2021

"Piggybook" on gender roles

Illustrated biographies


Cossu & Brun, 2021

Critical analysis of the different ways in which masculinity and femininity have been performed in history. Critical analysis of practices based on gender bias.

Understanding changes in family configurations throughout history and changes in the traditional roles of women and men. Inquiry and critical analysis of the sociohistorical construction of beauty standards and of the ideal body for men and women.



Women's suffrage

Buchara et al. 2022

What can teachers do to make CLIL-CSE a sustainable practice?





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