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EDT 365 assignment


Debate Basics

High School Speech and DebateMatthew Wilkinson


Today we will be using Genially to go over some basic debate concepts. There will be 6 "hotspots" that are interactable on the next slide which will explain things or send you somewhere to learn more. Clicking on the spots that are highlighted in the image will open an interface to direct you through the lesson. Somewhere on the image there will be a hidden invisible element for you to find!

This is an example of a pairing that would be posted. You'll find the code that correlates to your entry, and then go to the room assigned and wait for the judge and your opponent.


Watch a few minutes of this speech to see a great example of what we'll be working towards. What conditions need to be met for international societal welfare to be achieved according to the speaker? https://youtu.be/HrChrPnMuM4?si=kYUErDZqSNFn83i5

This is a Tabletote. A useful invention originally made for people in the military, but that functions very well as a laptop stand to use in debate rounds so that there is a good place to speak from.

Small portable timers like these are useful in round, while there are computers applications that can do similar things, some people will always prefer a physical timer which has a stronger indication of when exactly the allotted time is up.

A Microsoft Word Expansion


Verbatim is a useful tool for debate that enables a lot of extra features to use in word documents that are useful for organization, sending speech docs, timing your speeches, and much more!

This is what the toolbar looks like and includes the various names of many of the features available.