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Rental Registration Outcomes

Owner Occupied

Renter Occupied

Affidavit Complete


Affidavit Complete

Owner Affidavit Complete

Once an owner submits their completed affidavit, there are two different outcomes for their registration process: Owner Occupied or Renter Occupied.Select an option below to learn more about each path.

Owner Occupied

Renter Occupied

Clear fields


Owner Occupied

Owner Occupied Properties

Owner Occupied properties do not need to complete rental registration. Self-reporting via the Owner Affidavit form is the only required step. Click on a button on the left to learn more about each action within the Owner Occupied process.

Email Owner




Renter Occupied

The Owner submitted their Affidavit stating that their property is occupied by a renter.







Renter Occupied Properties

Renter Occupied properties need to complete rental registration. This process consists of multiple forms that move the card closer to Registration Complete. For Month-to-Month leases, the process may be slightly different and will be highlighted in a later infographic.

Restart Registration Process

Annual Registration

Regardless of status, owners must declare their property's occupancy every year and complete the Owner Affidavit.

Confirm the details of the submitted forms to ensure that all required fields are filled out.

Confirm Fields

  • Vehicle information should include the details for all vehicles that were declared. If there are 2 vehicles, there should be Vehicle 1 and Vehicle 2 fields should be completed.
  • Number of Pets declared should match pet details provided.

Required Fields: Occupancy Occupancy Description Owner Resolution Affirmation Initials

Required Fields: Resident Name 1 Resident Email 1 Resident Phone Number 1 Lease Start Date Lease End Date

Required Fields: Resident Mailing Address Number of Vehicles Vehicle 1 information Number of Pets

Initials of the Tenant should appear here. They should match the provided Resident Name. For example, if the Resident's name is John Smith, the initials should be JS.

Click on the image to enlarge.

After 1 year, register again

Change Stages

After 1 year (365 days) in the Owner Occupied Stage, the card will be archived, and a new card will be created in the Unregistered stage to start the process again.

When the card enters the Registration Requested stage, an email will go out to the Owner to provide the Resident's information. This includes their name, email, phone number, and lease details.

Card Enters the Stage

  • Email is sent to the Owner.

Form is linked directly to the card.

Click on the image to enlarge.

For Renter Occupied properties there are multiple forms that must be completed to move the card toward completion.


  • Completed Rental Registration Form will move the card to Registration Form Complete.
  • Completed Resident Info and Tenant Governing Documents Review will move the card to Resident Info Updated.

Owner Affidavit Form StageWho fills out the form?UnregisteredOwner

Rental Registration Form StageWho fills out the form?Registration RequestedOwner

Resident Info Form StageWho fills out the form?Registration Form CompleteOwner or Tenant

Tenant Governing Documents Review StageWho fills out the form?Registration Form CompleteTenant

Click on image to enlarge.

  • Automatic communication will be sent to the owner, reminding them of the upcoming registration renewal.
  • The owner will complete a new Owner Affidavit declaring the current occupancy of their home.
  • The card will automatically move to the appropriate stage.

Starting the process again

Registration Renewals

When a card enters the Registration Complete stage, the Registration Renewal date is updated to the day after the Lease End date.Upon the Renewal Date, the card will be archived, and a new card will be created in the Unregistered stage.

A completed registration will have all 3 field groups + Tenant Governing Documents Affirmation field + paid fees completed.

Registration Complete

  • If not paid via Stripe within Aptly, Payment will need to be manually confirmed.
  • After Payment is confirmed, the card will be moved manually to the Registration Complete stage.
  • Upon entering the stage, a registration renewal date will be set for the day after the Lease End Date.

You can see at a glance if all fields are completed by viewing the bar on a field group. For example, on Affidavit, 3 of the 4 fields have been completed while the Rental Registration Form hasn't been completed at all.

Click on image to enlarge.

Once all details are confirmed, the card will need to be moved manually to the Payment Requested stage. Cards in the Payment Requested stage will receive communication on how to submit payment to compete the process. Manually drag the card for 24 Front Street to the Payment Requested stage. Click on it once you've moved it to learn more.

Front Street

Now that the card is in Payment Requested, the owner is required to pay applicable fees. Once payment is confirmed, the card can be manually moved to Registration Complete

  • Provides owner with confirmation that the affidavit was received.
  • Reminds owner that they will receive another affidavit request in one year.

Automated email is sent to the owner

Owner Emailed

Once the card enters Owner Occupied, an automated email is sent to the owner confirming receipt of their affidavit.