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"It starts with the values."

Adam markowitz

"True culture is embodied in the actions of the people and their patterns of behavior.""Values have to align to our mission. Trust is at the center of everything we do as a company."


Drata's Core Values

Read through our core values and hover over the lightbulbs to get a deeper definition of each value!

Our culture is defined by the core values that we stand for and embody day-in and day-out.

This value is truly the heart of Drata. Consider this: How are you earning trust with everyone you interact with through your actions, big and small? Are you consistently delivering on what you promise? Where do you see this show up regularly?

This is about honesty, openness and responsibility. Consider this: Do honesty and a “moral compass” influence your actions? Are you accepting responsibility and ownership and for the outcomes of those actions? Where do you see this show up at Drata?

Customers can be internal or external - they are the reason we do what we do! Consider this: Are customers top-of-mind when you make decisions? Do they receive your best? Do you act in their best interest instead of your own? Where does this show up at Drata?

We love healthy competition! It keeps us moving fast. Consider this: Are you your own loudest cheerleader and biggest competition? And do you use that energy to encourage those around you to be their best selves? Where do you see this show up at Drata?

Diversity is about differences, unlikeness and variety. It's necessary for growth! Consider this: Do you regularly seek advice from outside your "circle"? Do you identify unconscious bias and work to mitigate those behaviors? Where do you see diversity at Drata?

Work smarter, not harder! Create for now with an eye on the future. Consider this: Are you always looking to do more with less while still achieving results? Do you proactively improve processes to benefit the whole? Where do you see this at Drata?

Mission + Vision

Our core values align to our mission and vision. How do you see our values show up in the mission and vision statements?