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There could be a template here - like a table where you fill in each section - or a link to download a pdf template

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Should there be an order in which my audience is made and/or encouraged to look at pieces of content, or should it be up to them?
  • Should there be pieces of content that can only be accessed after other content?
  • Should all pieces of content be visible to the audience at once, or should they be on different pages or in different sections so that audiences are encouraged to watch groups of clips together?
  • Should there be pieces of content that can only be accessed once, or for a limited amount of time, or should my audience always be able to come back to them?
  • Should there be an introductory page or sequence to this i-doc and if so how long should my audience be required or encouraged to spend on it?
  • Should the user have a limited amount of time in the i-doc? Does it ‘finish’ at a particular point or can they explore it indefinitely? If it does finish, how?
  • Should there be any limitations on the amount of the i-docs content that the user can view in one sitting? Are there things you don’t want to give them time to watch or do completely?
  • Should there be any restrictions on when the i-doc can be accessed?
  • There can be a video here with us expalining this aspect of i-docs
  • and some links to relevant projects or articles

This should be videos of us explaining how to use this thinking tool

How to use this glossary...

What is your process...Sections allocated to different people?Decisions made through reflection or through further research?

What space or environment is needed for this design process? And what tools?

Does this design occur as within a research 'field' or workshop?

Does it follow or proceed (to make sense of) an event?

Is it an interative process?

Does this design happen in one sitting?

Will this involve participants? Or publics?

Are you a team?

Will you design this alone?

Who, how, when, where?

Ask yourself...

What is an interface?

Should all my content be visible at once on the same page, or do I want my user to have to discover content?If so, what should the pathways to discovery be, is the user required to scroll down, up, or through content (either moving to the right or to the left), or do they click between different pages to see groupings of content? Should content be visible immediately or revealed by clicking on an icon or object? If the latter, what should these icons or objects be?Should the layout of my interface be stable, or do I want pieces of content to move around depending on what the user does?Do I want to use a map, diagram, chart, list or some kind of other structuring device to show relationships between and/or groupings of pieces of content?What other kinds of screen based media do I want my interface to be most similar to? A game? A database, an article, a timeline, a map?Do I want more than one option for how users encounter content? For example a map view and a database view, or a page that structures content along a timeline, and then another page that groups it thematically?

this should be written info about the thinking tool