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Important Info

Week of 10/16

What are we working on?Mon- Live class: North America TourTues- Geography of MexicoWed- North America QuizThurs- Exploration and ColonizationFri- Revolution and Independence**Short quiz Wednesday!!! Study guide is in our notebook. ***

What are we working on?Monday - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: September First ReadTuesday - Live ClassroomWednesday - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: September Close ReadThursday - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: October First Read & Character Profile Project Work DayFriday - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: October Close Read & Character Profile Project Due

What are we working on? Ratios, and Equivalent Ratios! We will also start to look at the vocabulary words Rate, and Per! Important Vocabulary for this unit: Ratio, Double Number Line, Double Number Line Diagram, Per, Unit Price, Same Rate, Unit Price, Table, Tape DiagramOur Next Assessment: Quiz: Comparing Situations by Examining Ratios on Monday 10/23.Shoutouts: Thank you to everyone who participates in class, either through PearDeck or the Chat! I appreciate all of the volunteers!Reminders: Ms. Milton will not be here Monday, October 16! Students should complete the asynchronous lessons on EDIO. No ZOOM class on October 16!

What are we working on?The properties of matter! We will continue with the properties of matter and then learn about how we combine and separate matter. Important vocabulary: acid, base, characteristic, physical change, chemical change (use our padlet to practice vocab!)Our next assessment: Wednesday, 10/18 QUIZShoutouts to everyone who went into their STEAM labs and checked their grades and for feedback! Reminders: YOU CONTROL YOUR GRADE! Go in and see what you can improve. Use the guided notes, study guides, recordings, and Edio lessons to help you improve your grade and learn the content.

REMINDERS:WE LOVE TO SEE YOU IN CLASS! Thanks for coming and turning on your cameras! Club registrations are open! Click here.Did you sign up for pictures?11/8 is the end of the first marking period.Have you checked out the field trip options yet? For attendance purposes, your name in ZOOM must be your actual name.Have you checked your gradebook lately?