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OmniView Technical Innovations

Who We Are

OmniView Revolutionizes learning with our cutting-edge app designed for visual learners, students, and professionals. Scan, identify, and translate objects effortlessly. Unlock a world of visual learning possibilities with us.

Meet Our Team

Sawyer Haney

Parker Hale

Founder / CEO

Our Mentor

Adam Fingerman

Founder/ CEO


Empower Visual LearnersProvide an app tailored to the unique needs of visual learners, enhancing comprehension and retention of information through visual aids. Efficient Object RecognitionDevelop a robust scanning system that accurately identifies and labels objects, ensuring seamless integration into various learning environments. Multi-Lingual CapabilitiesEnable users to translate identified objects into multiple languages, facilitating global accessibility and inclusivity for students and employees worldwide. Versatile Learning ToolCreate a multi-purpose application that serves as a comprehensive learning and training tool, suitable for students across various disciplines and employees in diverse industries. Enhance Onboarding ProcessStreamline the training of new employees within companies by utilizing our app to expedite the learning curve and ensure a smoother onboarding experience.


How we got here


CreatedOmniView Innovations

Made Label Lingo

Started thinking about better ways to use this tech

Made CaddyShades

The simple steps

Use the mobile apps "scan and learn" technology to further your knowledge

OmniView's platform can be used by multiple professions to teach and assist

Select your respective field

Download the App

How does it work?

Simply download the app on your smartphone and sign up

Start Learning






Just Between our first 5 feild of studies we plan to attack there are over 14.5 million visual learners

Over 65% of the Population are visual learners, thats over 200 million in the US

Our Market

Visual Learners

This is a simple simulation we made demonstating object to word translation


OmniView for education

Revamp language learning with OmniView! Point your device at objects to instantly identify and translate them. Learning French? Aim at a "table" for instant translation and visuals. Seamlessly integrate learning into daily life.

This can be used for training in a variety of fields


OmniView for company training

New hires can scan office layouts, equipment, and resources, receiving instant information and instructions. Need to set up your workstation? OmniView guides you step-by-step. Say goodbye to confusing manuals and hello to a seamless, visual onboarding experience. Empower your team from day one with OmniView.

OmniView is a great tool for all sorts of fields

Student help

OmniView for school

Medical students, imagine diving into anatomy with OmniView. Scan textbooks, models, or even patients, and watch as OmniView identifies structures in real-time. Need to understand the intricacies of a complex procedure? OmniView's visual learning capabilities provide instant insights.