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The home could be subject to a partial or full taking by the state, depending upon the configuration of the interchange. Strongsville’s traffic study estimates up to 54 privately-owned properties could be partially or fully taken by the state for an interchange.

Shrea Kellums’ home

I-71 westbound exit onto SR 82

Strongsville’s June traffic study found that 39% of the vehicles exiting here during the evening rush hour was going to SouthPark Mall, while 36% headed south on Howe Road to residential developments in southern Strongsville and northern Brunswick.

SouthPark Mall

The two-story enclosed mall opened in 1996 and spurred a wave of economic development around the intersection of SR 82 and Howe Road. At 1.6 million square feet, it’s one of the largest shopping malls in Ohio.

Foltz Parkway, the main north-south road through Strongsville’s Business & Technology Park, ends here. Strongsville officials have long talked about extending it south to Boston Road, creating a southern truck entrance and opening up more than 100 acres for development.

Foltz Parkway dead end

Intersection of SR 82 & Howe Road

This intersection is #8 on the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency’s current list of regional safety priority intersections. There were 200 crashes here, three resulting in fatalities or serious injuries, between 2014 and 2018.

Crossing of Boston Road over I-71

Now a two-lane residential road, Strongsville’s traffic study says Boston Road would need to be widened to four lanes or more to accommodate traffic from a partial or full interchange.

Foltz Parkway and Lunn Road

Trucks travel down SR 82 to reach this northern entrance to Strongsville’s Business & Technology Park.

Intersection of Howe Road & Boston Road

Howe Road dead ends into Boston Road, the boundary between Strongsville and Brunswick. Strongsville’s June 2023 traffic study found that of the 7,855 cars that exit I-71 westbound on SR 82 during the evening rush, 13% are vehicles heading to Boston Road.

Crossing of Drake Road over I-71

Opponents say an interchange at Drake Road makes more sense, since it would not require Brunswick’s approval. However, state and regional traffic reduction studies have focused on Boston Road.