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Destruction in Germany

After World War II

Food Production in Germany compared to the start of WWII


Housing Stock in Germany Compared to the start of WWII


Allied Occupation of Germany Post-WWII


The country faced widespread destruction of its cities, infrastructure, and economy due to intense Allied bombing campaigns and ground offensives. Millions of Germans were displaced, and there was a severe shortage of basic necessities like food and shelter. The Nazi regime collapsed, leading to a power vacuum and political chaos.


France occupied the southwest area of Germany after World War II. They remained in the area for as long as the other countries, from 1945 to 1952. During World War II, Germany occupied Paris from 1940 to 1944.


Great Britain

British soldiers had a leading role in occupation, helping to hunt war criminals, rebuild industry and deal with displaced persons. They occupied the northwest area of Germany

Soviet Union

In 1949, the Soviet Union established the Communist German Democratic Republic in its occupation zone of Germany, in the Eastern portion of the country

United States

U.S. occupation policy was characterized by programs to eliminate all traces of Nazi influence, introduce democratic institutions, and assure that German industry was used only for peaceful purposes. The U.S. occupied the Southern portion of the country.