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Sensation & Perception

How we take in the world and make meaning of it.



I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

Use an image

And use this space to caption it. You can upload an image from your computer or use the resources available in Genially, on the left side of the Editor. Knock their socks off!

Did you know? We retain 42% more information when the content has movement. It may be the most effective resource for capturing your audience’s attention.


use an image

They make your content more memorable

They illustrate what you want to say

They allow you to add additional info

They’re an aesthetic resource.

They tell stories all by themselves.

They keep the brain awake.

To create an interactive image ...you can use an image as a base. Choose a nice one that’s related to the topic: it’ll get your students’ attention right away.

You can use this feature ...To highlight super relevant info. 90% of the information we assimilate is received through sight..

Tip: Interactivity is the key to capturing the interest and attention of your class. A genially is interactive because your students explore and engage with it.

Structure your content

Sections like this help you create order

relevant data


You can enter numbers like this


... Even if you’ll explain it verbally


That way you’ll hold your students’ attention.

Show enthusiasm, smile, and maintain eye contact with your class. 'The eyes, chico. They never lie.’ You’re bound to impress.

If you’re going to present live, we recommend training your voice and rehearsing; the best improvisation happens when you’re prepared!

You can make an outline to summarize the content and use words that will help consolidate the mental structures of your students.




With this feature ... You can add additional content that will excite your audience’s brains: videos, images, links, interactivity ... Whatever you like!