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Mr. Molina's Journey at Gables

Source: Cavaleon Yearbook


Science Department

Mr. Molina, along with his co-workers in the Science Department, set the path for a connected way of learning, where students apply their knowledge to hands-on execution. Among the three areas of IB Science, Molina handles Biology, the most populated branch, educating hundreds of aspiring minds in the fields of Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity and Human Physiology.


Science Department

Having learned everything from weather patterns and the formations of clouds and the Earth's rocks to anatomy and evolution, Mr. Molina's extensive knowledge placed him as a very valuable asset tin his department.Molina conduced labs throughout both years of his IB Biology classes, keeping students on their toes for the next application they would experiment with.


Blood Drive

Students at Gables had the opportunity to participate, under Mr. Molina's leadership, in the Blood Drive, a club dedicated to spreading awareness towards donating blood. Students 17 or older were able to donate blood and were awarded for their help in the fight for saving lives with community service hours and food.



As the Athletic Director, Mr. Molina was a part of the administration team, and was able to establish personal connections since his first day on campus. The boys baseball team and the girls soccer team's victory at a state-level were some of the defining moments in his career that reflected the effects of his efforts.