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Welcome to the Fantastic Flock! We are going to have a "flam-azing" 🦩year!

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Healthy Minds and Bodies

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Field Trips & School COmmunity

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Weekly Materials and Follow-Up Document


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Week at a Glance

Upcoming Dates

Wednesdays 11:45-12:00: StorytimeJoin us for a weekly story! Bring something cozy and maybe someone you love!October: Family-Teacher Conferences. Be on the lookout for calendar events and sign-ups to meet with your home room teacher. {MISS BARRON'S HOMEROOM: Use this link to sign up}Friday 10/27, 11:45-12:15: Joke-O-Lantern Lunch Bunch.Friday 11/3: Kindergarten Fieldtrips. (see the Fieldtrip page for more info)

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Important Reminders

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Throughout the year we will spotlight different techniques, strategies, resources, and activities to promote your family's health!Checkout our feature for the week... Breathing Exercises. We take deep breaths in class to help our brains and bodies focus and reset to find calm.

Class Community

October Play Challenge

Use the Padlet below as a sharing space for the Bingo board you recieved in the mail!

iReady Stars of the Week

Guidance Corner

Virtual Recess11:40-12:30 on Thursdays


Resources Galore

iReady is in full swing! Check out this explainer to help you prepare!


Great resources and updates coming soon!

Science/SS & Enrichment

Other great resources and updates coming soon!

Field Trips/School Community



Assistant Principal: Tom Toth

dtoth@ccaeducate.me484-656-7741 ext. 12192Allentown

Principal: Jim Alex

jalex@ccaeducate.me717-710-3300 ext. 11181Capital Campus

Guidance Counselor: Ms. Zangaro

ELA/ SS: Ms. Barron

Math/Sci: Mrs. Jacobs

Art: Mrs. Goforth

Music: Ms. Wilson

Health/PE: Mrs. Nettles

sgoforth@ccaeducate.me717-710-3300 ext. 11148Capital Campus

kwilson@ccaeducate.me717-710-3300 ext. 11515Capital Campus

knettles@ccaeducate.me570-323-1182, ext. 16146Williamsport

jzangaro@ccaeducate.me724-473-3977 ext. 13187Seven Fields

hbarron@ccaeducate.me717-710-3300 ext. 11444Capital Campus

rjacobs@ccaeducate.me717-710-3300 ext. 12140Allentown

Tech Support: 833-204-2221


  • What is the difference between Guided and Live class?

  • Does my learner need to attend all class sessions?

  • How do I navigate Edio?

  • What is an overdue lesson?

  • What is Kid Writing and what should it look like?

  • I need a specific workbook page! Where can I
get it?

  • How do I update Zoom?

For Guided lessons, to receive credit learners need to either attend the class session OR press through and complete the lesson. If your learner attends Guided Instruction they do not need to complete any uploads or embedded activities. HOWEVER, there will be follow-up work assigned, as well as extension activities and games to complete.For Live Classroom sessions, to receive credit learners need to either attend the class session OR watch and participate with the recorded lesson.

Ms. Barron's

Mrs. Jacob's

  • Arrive on time πŸ•”
  • Come prepared with your materials πŸ“š
  • Dress for success πŸ‘šπŸ‘–
  • Learning Coach is nearby πŸ‘§πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦°
  • Be in a quiet space 🀫
  • Actively participate πŸ—¨βŒ¨βœπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Don't be afraid to try different things and ask you teachers and CCA family community for ideas and tips. Every learner will have different success spots and environments that promote learning!



  • Most Lesson This Week: Raina
  • Most Time This Week: Auri
  • Most Lessons This Year: Auri, Evan, Lucy

  • Most Lesson This Week: Auri, Rogan
  • Most Time This Week: Cecily, Diesel, William
  • Most Lessons This Year: Cecily

Every Edio lesson has an assigned date. If you do not complete it on the day it is assigned you are not penalized, but it will show up on your learner's calendar as overdue. You have until the last day of school to complete all Edio lessons.

No. We would love to see everyone in class sessions, but you may complete lessons at your own pace.

Join Kindergarten families and teachers on Friday, November 3rd for a day of fun! Follow the steps below to register!

Play Edio How To Videos

KId Writing Lab Links

Ms. Barron's

Mrs. Jacob's