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6. What have been their successes / failures? Why?

5. What methods does the Just Stop Oil use?

4. What is one of the group’s current campaigns?

3. What is the group’s Just Stop Oil aims?

2. What is the background / history of the group Just Stop Oil?

1. What type of group is Just Stop Oil? Promotional / Sectional / Insider / Outsider

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Here you can include arelevant fact to highlight

Here you can include arelevant fact to highlight

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‘Your content is good, but it‘ll engage much more if it’s interactive.’Genially

Here you can include arelevant fact to highlight

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You can enternumbers like this

You can make an outline to summarize the content and use words that will be imprinted in the memories of your audience


...Even if you’llexplain it verbally

If you’re going to present live, we recommend training your voice and rehearsing; the best improvisation happens when you’re prepared!


That way you’ll hold your audience’s attention.

Show enthusiasm, smile, and maintain eye contact with your audience. 'The eyes, chico. They never lie.’ You’re bound to impress.

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of our brain is involved in theprocessing of visual stimulus.

Insert a video

Multimedia content is essential in a presentation, to really wow your audience. What’s more, this way you can summarize the content and entertain your audience.

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Let the communication flow!

With Genially templates, you can include visual resources to wow your audience. You can also highlight a particular sentence or piece of information so that it sticks in your audience’s minds, or even embed external content to surprise them: Whatever you like!Do you need more reasons to create dynamic content? No problem! 90% of the information we assimilate is received through sight and, what’s more, we retain 42% more information when the content moves.

  • Generate experiences with your content.
  • It’s got the Wow effect. Very Wow.
  • Make sure your audience remembers the message.