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Black Brother, Black Brother

Donte is connected to the theme do not judge people by there looks but their actions. When Donte gets back from his suspension because Alan and theteacher bully him because of his race so as he walks into school he, ¨fall[s] flat on [his] face. Each teammate gets a dig, a stomp, and a step on [him]. " (85). This shows Donte is getting bullied because of his race and shows he did not even do anything he is just walking to class. Another part is when Donte is at the last tiny bit of his fencing match,and he is thinking ¨Score. 5-1, I win! Pain and exhaustion overwhelm me. I then hear applause everyone is cheering. Dad walks to me ´I knew you could do it.´ " (226-227) When his dad says I knew you could do it it refers back to when Alan said he couldn't. This shows how people judged him by his looks and not his actual skill.

Car: I think the car is important because it is when Donte and coach talked and when Donte learned all about how coach was not treated fairly when he was a kid, and how they were alike.

Another theme Donte is connected to is everyone should be treated fairly. Whenever he is in class the teacher randomly blames him for something he didn't do, ¨he frowns ´Ask me what [he] did´ [he] instant[s]. ´Nothing!´¨ Page 8. This is showing how the teacher is saying he did choices he did not do and can not recite out what he did which shows he didn't do anything. Another part is whenever Alan keeps beating his sword after the play is over for example, ¨Alan, ferociously beats [his] sword. The crowd gasps. No ongard position just him angry everyone staring. ´Unsportsmanlike behavior.´ The referee hands Alan a red card.¨ This is showing that alan has to get a red card because he has done that multiple times and is being unfair. This is showing you should treat people fairly.

Thesis: In Black Brother Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Donte learns two themes that help him grow.

Sword: In the story the sword is important because it is a part of gear donte needs for his successful beat on Alan and it shows strength and loyalty.

Handcuffs: In the story the handcuffs are important because they symbolize being trapped and that is how donte felt.