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Volumes of 3d shapes

8th grade math

Jocelyn Kuhnert

Today you will be working on learning how to find the volume of different 3D shapes. You will then apply what you have learned and answer a few questions. You will mainly be focusing on Spheres, Cylinders, and Cones. There will be 7 different interactive elements. Start with the video that is on the blue cube to find out what Volume is. After that follow the arrows to see what to do next. When you are finish with everything click on the red folder in the corner, and it will take you to Khan Academy for some extra practice.

Formulas for solving the Volume of different 3D shapes Sphere: 4/3 π r^3 Cylinder: πr^2h Cone: ⅓πr2h

IClick and watch the Math Antics video on volume. In this video it will explain what volume is and how we use it. What is Volume exactly?