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Narrow search down search with the Principal Place of Performance tool. As shown, you have the ability to search through the choice of city, state, zip code, and country.

Principle Place of Performance (FPDS Pro)

Customer Information (FPDS Pro)

Now that we have entered Customer Information, notice there are different search areas for obtaining different types of customer information such as the contracting agency and office, funding agency and office, and much more. This helps to identify the customer whom we are performing work for and leaving the ability to identify funding agencies as well.

DACIS Opps contains of more than 5.6 million records all back until 2001. Opps updates everyday at 7AM as well as throughout the day and is linked with companies, contracts, programs, customers, and FPDS pro on the DACIS platform. This platform gives all the old information about oppurtunities which is valuable when it comes to oppurtunity history and being able to signify changes that have been made.


Contract Information (FPDS Pro)

Now that we have entered Contract Information, different search areas are provided as shown. This section allows for a deeper understanding and the ability to conduct research by getting niche and find an opportunity of your liking. Different search areas such as entering contract numbers, award types, solicitation number, dates, values, and much more are provided to expand research skills.

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Here in the Preference Programs tab, tools such as business size selection, type of set aside (socioeconomic) categories, and subcontract plans are provided.

Preference Programs (FPDS Pro)

Acessing the Product or Service Information under the FPDS platform provides searching by NAICS codes and other search areas as shown in the illustration provided. Using this tool helps with classifying work under specific industries and sectors.

Product or Service Information (FPDS Pro)

DACIS Programs gives an in depth look into the industries most significant and reputable programs. This tool provides insights on primes, supplier relationships, customers, subcontractors, competitors, documents, initiatives, training/services and a lot more. Explore the horizons of programs by utilizing this powerful tool.


Legislative Mandates (FPDS Pro)

The DACIS Datasets have a reputation for conducting research and recording them in a structural organized way. Some of the advantages Datasets brings to the table are the ability to assign sets of data as well as categorize, subgroup records, annotate vehicles, and share datasets with team members.

Datasets (FPDS Pro)

Contracts in DACIS is one of the most used platform is has to offer. Dig into subcontracters, competitors, incumbents, background, and full analysis. All the information an analyst would need is searchable here. Records are all integrated from the Federal Procurement Data System, SAM, and more which as all included in DACIS. Collective intellegince comes from correlating a number of datapoints to get an overall picture.


The Customers section is an organized and dynamic section to pick up information on customers. DACIS covers more than 4,500 customers in more than 100 nations around the world.


Under the professional header of DACIS, Newswire keeps you up to date on all the recent activity in the government providing competitive intelligence all around such as articles and changes in the government contracting industry. Overall, this is a great way to stay actively tuned and educated on new news in the industry.


Companies is a powerfull tool which allows you to conduct research in dynamic areas. This tool let's the researcher dive deeper in divisions, subsidiaries, joint ventures, equity interests and much more. This source provides competitive intelligence on more than a million companies provided an organized platform to conduct research resulting in a deeper understanding of the industry.


Contractor Information (FPDS Pro)

Shown is the Contractor Information section under the FPDS Pro section. Provided is a tool used to perform in depth research of contractor information, for example this is an area to use to conduct research on a potential partner or identify a competitor. Provided are search areas such as name search, parent, DUNS, UEI, and more. Under Contractor Information there is also a Contractor Classification section which enables you to choose through the socioeconomic classification of a company you're seeking. This is a quick yet powerful way to find information on a contractor.

Competition Information (FPDS Pro)

Shown here is the Competition Information section of the FPDS Pro Module. Here, you can perform an extensive amount of research identifying any potential competition.