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Rev Up Your PD

Fuel Personalized Learning with a Tech Fair


Rev Up Your PD


Fuel Personalized Learning with a Tech Fair














Leanne Chauvette

Digital Learning SpecialistEpping Elementary School

Deborah Dyer

Digital Learning SpecialistEpping Middle High School

Who are we?

As digital learning specialists we support educators and students with technology integration in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

About us

Epping School District

Session Objectives

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  • Explore the history of this initiative in the Epping School District and how we've gotten to where we are today
  • Understand the phases and processes for planning, scheduling, and facilitating a technology fair in your district
  • Identify technology tools and resources to make your tech fair a success



A look into the inspiration & history

Teachers deserve PD as dynamic as they are.

When I (Deb) taught at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School (Derry, NH) in 2008, I attend a technology fair there. I was inspired by the collegial and collaborative nature of this kind of professional learning. Seeing how other teachers were using technology in their own classrooms made it feel more accessible.We also drew inspiration from the different types of sessions at ISTE. Offering flexible formats and lots of choice like posters, playgrounds, and hands-on workshops seemed like a great way to offer better professional development for our teachers.


The Inspiration


Virtual Workshops & Sessions


Virtual Tech Fair

A District-Wide Event



Socially Distanced Tech Fair

First Tech Fair @ EMHS



The History



A look at the proess and tools

- Yogi Berra

Wrap-Up & Reflect

Phase 4:

Facilitate the Fair

Phase 3:

Plan & Prepare

Phase 2:

Identify Needs & Resources

"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."

Phase 1:


The Process

Click on each logo to learn more about how we used each tool and to access useful templates.


The Tools



Time for final thoughts & questions










Alfred Bernhard Nobel

If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.


Leanne Chauvetteleanne.chauvette@eppingsd.org

Deb Dyerddyer@eppingsd.org

How can we be reached?




FigJam is an online collaboration tool you and your team can use to brainstorm, develop, and organize ideas for your own Tech Fair. Start with this Brainstorm template and invite your team to collaborate. Then you could try Event Planning template to make sure your Fair goes off without a hitch!

Most importantly, while the event is still fresh on your mind, review feedback and brainstorm changes and improvements with your planning team!

Phase #4

Wrap Up & Reflect

And like that ~poof!~ it's over. After you have a chance to catch your breath, you'll need to:

  • Breakdown the event and return materials
  • Announce scavenger hunt winners
  • Send reminders for feedback
  • Share a followup with highlights and photos
  • Provide thank you gifts for volunteers

Canva is a web-based graphic design tool you can use to advertise and hype up your Tech Fair. With thousands of templates and AI tools, Canva can save you time and help make your Tech Fair a polished and memorable event!







Task Cards











ESD Tech Fair 2022

In 2022, we were able to hold our Tech Fair in person, but socially distanced. Different stations were placed in our gymasium, cafeteria, and two lobby areas in order to spread out activities. During a 1.5 hour window, teachers could freely visit teacher showcases and playgrounds, or try out some gamified learning options. More emphasis was placed on demonstrating activities and ideas that were applicable to different grade levels and subject areas.

Virtual Tech PD 2021

Epping students attended both in person and remotely during the 20-21 school year and many teachers were teaching synchronously and asynchronously. To address the needs of teachers, there was much more time dedicated to technology training during PD days. Based on feedback received from teachers, digital learning specialists planned and facilitated grade level and content area specific training. Teachers were also provided a collection of self-paced options to guide their own learning during this block of time.

Canva Templates

  • Players will need to install the app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Larger events will require a subscription
  • Players will need wifi or mobile network access
  • Experiences can only be managed via a web browser

Make a copy of our ESD Tech Fair 2023 Scavenger Hunt


Inspired by scavenger hunts, Goosechase is an online platform that helps you create interactive experiences. Individuals or Teams complete Missions to earn points. Mission types include photos, videos, checking in at specific locations or answering questions or riddles.

Use tables, document outlines, hyperlinks and other formatting options to create and share a user-friendly schedule with your attendees.


Use interactive checkboxes, dropdown menus, building blocks and other smart canvas features to get organized and stay on track of action items.

Notes & Planning Document
Google Docs

ESD Tech Fair 2023

Last year proved to be our biggest and best Tech Fair yet (despite having to reschedule due to a snow day)! This 2 hour event offered a robust schedule of activities with a variety of topics and formats, including teacher showcases, playgrounds, 30-minute workhops, self-directed Tech PD, and a GooseChase scavenger hunt to gamify the experience.


Genially is a media creation platform focused on designing and sharing media creations and presentations of all kinds, including videos, infographics, interactive images, quizzes, and more. We use Genially to create an engaging video to welcome attendees and to present an overview of the Tech Fair.

  • Free accounts allow unlimited creations, unlimited views, and access to free templates
  • A variety of animations increases audience engagement
  • Add interactivity to add additional content that users can explore within the same window
  • Seamless two-way integration with just about any tool like Google Workspace, Canva, Wakelet, Padlet, and many more!

Click each banner to make a copy of the Google Form

Use Google Forms to collect session information from volunteer presenters, invite attendees to sign up for workshop sessions prior to your event, keep a record of attendees by asking them to sign in to your fair, and to collect feedback from your attendees to make improvements to your next fair.

Google Forms

Got an idea?

Let the communication flow!

With Genially templates, you can include visual resources to wow your audience. You can also highlight a particular sentence or piece of information so that it sticks in your audience’s minds, or even embed external content to surprise them: Whatever you like!Do you need more reasons to create dynamic content? No problem! 90% of the information we assimilate is received through sight and, what’s more, we retain 42% more information when the content moves.

  • Generate experiences with your content.
  • It’s got the Wow effect. Very Wow.
  • Make sure your audience remembers the message.

Don't forget to give yourself time to move to any sessions you are presenting!

Present sessions

Thank your attendees for participating and make sure to remind them to fill out any feedback forms you intend to share!

Let attendees and presenters know when activities/sessions will be starting/ending. Offer prizes to those who signed in.

Wrap things up

Announce reminders & prizes

Circulate to provide support

Be present to answer questions for attendees and presenters. Take lots of pictures to share on socials!

Make sure to have a welcome desk or post QR codes if you want attendees to sign in. Play a welcome video with instructions as guests enter or present an overview of the schedule and events.

Phase #3

Facilitate the Fair

Welcome your attendees

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  • Labore et dolore magna aliqua.

ESD Tech Fair 2020

Due to COVID restrictions, our second technology fair was held remotely. During a 2.5 hour window, we attempted to offer teachers more choices with concurrent 15 minute teacher-led sessions on various topics, 45-minute DLS-led sessions on more in-depth topics as well as drop-in Q&A times. Sessions were also geared toward different skill levels and grade levels.

Schedule setup

Who will be available to help set up the fair? Make sure to schedule plenty of time for this!

Add finishing touches

Will you have attendees sign in to the tech fair? How will they do so (QR code, personal device, etc.)? Will you need a welcome presentation?

Email reminders

What info will your presenters need (session location, roster, present instructions)? What info will you attendees need (personalized schedule with locations and times)?

Focus on the details

Will you need to prepare activities or resoures for playgrounds or sessions? What additional info will be useful for presenters, attendees, setup, etc.? How can you communicate these things? Will you gamify the experience with a scavenger hunt?

Identify list of needed peripherals

What hardware (TVs/monitors, Chromebooks, extension cords, etc.) will be needed in each space? How will presenters to connect to displays?

Determine session rosters

Will you need to limit the number of people who can sign up for each session?

Create a sign up form

How will you share the schedule of events? How will attendees sign up for different sessions? What information will you need to collect?

Weeks Before

Create a schedule

When will each session/activity occur? Have you included travel time between sessions? Have you considered staggering high-interest activities? Will volunteers have a chance to participate, too?

Map the layout

Where will you place each activity/session? Have you considered how attendees will travel around the fair? If different spaces will be used, are they in close proximity to each other?

Confirm spaces & resources

Do you need to make requests to book spaces for your event? Have you verified session details with presenters?

Days Before

Phase #2

Plan & Prepare

Months Before

Epping's first technology fair was a collaborative effort between Deb Dyer and Tyler Nekton (former EHS DLS). Teachers and paraprofessionals were invited to visit stations at their own pace to learn and be inspired.

  • Teachers volunteered to share tech tips/strategies with Techy Teacher Showcases
  • The library media center served as the location
  • Additional areas allowed teachers to explore available technologies
EMHS Tech Fair 2019

Are there large spaces (gym, cafeteria, media center, etc.) available? How many rooms will you need?

What dates are available on your school/district calendar? How much time will you have?

Identify location/spaces

Select a date/time for your fair

Generate a list of resources

what software/hardware is available? Who is willing to present? What spaces, furniture, etc. are available?

Connect with stakeholders

Who is responsible for planning/scheduling PD time? Who needs to be in the loop? Who can help out?

What are the topics/tools/formats of interest? What are your school/district goals?

Phase #1

Identify Needs & Resources

Conduct a needs assessment