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Rediscovering Discovery Education


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Click the D in the top left of the screen to get home at any time or to clear any content searches.

The "hamburger" menu in the top left of your Home Layout is the Global Navigation menu. This menu leads to tools such as quizzes and other assessment, exploring DE content, curriculum packs, and creative tools.

QuickList helps you curate resources as you sort search results to compare or review later. With QuickList, you can save resources to a list that is accessible from any page. Add resources to QuickList to easily integrate resources into Canvas.

Three dots is a menu!

Use the Global Navigation menu to explore the DE library of resources.

"Three dots is a menu." Want to save a Channel? Add to My Channels. Find something to use in class? Save to My Content (to add to Canvas) and organize in folders. Want to look at something later? Add to QuickList (to add to Canvas).

To create a quiz or search the Quiz Library, you must go through the Quiz option in the Global Navigation menu. The Quiz Library has 500 pre-made quizzes from DE.

"Search for nothing to get everything." Search for the topic to filter. Narrow down results with subject and grade level. Narrow down further by choosing videos only. Resources include:

  • video/video segments
  • lessons
  • activities
  • channels
  • images
  • text
  • audio

Use the Ask Live Quiz feature to begin a documented quiz live in discussion with students--perfect for review, pop quizzes, entry/exit tickets, and informal formative assessment.

Title your Live Quiz. DE retains information gathered through assessment for later referral.

Entry Question:How do you or your students get media assets such as video/images for content creation?

Exit Question:What is one resource you found today that you can use in your classroom over the next three weeks?

Students can join the Live Quiz via QR code, alphanumeric code, or link.

  • Interactives: tactile/gaming
  • Images: gallery walk
  • Teacher/student presentation: cross-curricular
  • Text: high-interest reading passages or small group materials
  • Constructed response: open-ended prompts/questioning



  • Topic
  • Language
  • Details (closed captions)
  • Duration (time)
  • copyright (publication date)
  • publisher (personal preference)