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Greek Food

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Greece is located on the border of Europe, andat the tip of the balkans near Turkey, surrounded mostly by water. The country is mostly locateded within the mainland, though multiple islands are owned by Greece, such as Hydra. The country enjoys a mediterranean climate that has mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers.

Greece's location on the map.

Major Crops

Greece has many crops it grows, but here a few of the more notable ones.

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Greece is a major European Union producer of olives, most of which they make is exported to other european countries. The tree harvested olives are eaten in many ways, and are the major ingredient in the aptly named olive oil.

Greece also produces a lot of grapes. Although wine may be more associated with places like France and Italy, Greece is ranked #19 for wine producing countries in the world and is an enjoyer of the beverage as well.

Although not a food crop, cotton is a very big part of Greek exports. Greece's cotton makes up 80% of European cotton export and is used by member states across the union.

Cuisine History

Greek cuisine has roots far back to its ancient times. Since the beginning, its three main ingredients, known as 'the greek triad', are wheat, olive oil, and wine. In addition, rather than red meats, fish were often consumed.The Greek triad was so popular, it is indeed thought that the spread of olives and grapes in the mediterranean were due to Greek colonization. Greek cuisine went on to influence Byzantine cuisine, Italiian cuisine, and incorporate other cultures into modern Greek cuisine.



Calamari:A simple appetizer consisting of fried squid. Salt and lemon is often included for adding a bit extra taste.Anchovies:A small salt water fish. Often moreso known to be associated with italian cuisine, such as pizzas, greeks also enjoy anchovies though generally served with a simple frying.Mussels:As Greece is positioned near so much ocean water, mussels are in great supply. Generally served with tomatoes, wine, and a few other things steamed in a delicious broth.

Greek Salad:A popular dish in greek cuisine, and elsewhere, is the greek salad. Generally consists of romaine, tomatoes, olives, feta, peppers, salt and olive oil.Tzatziki:Well known to many people, and served in plenty of Greek resturants and tables, is Tzatziki. This dip consists of strained yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and herbs. It is generally eaten with something else, but could also be eaten straight out of the bowl.

Greek Food

Greek Food Continued

Gyro:Probably the most famous greek dish is the gyro. Regardless if you pronounce it the right way or not, you'll likely find yourself enjoying this pita wrapped meal which generally contains lamb, tomato, onion, and tzatziki.Stuffed grape leaves:As it sounds, this is a dish consisting of stuffed grape leaves. Can be eaten as a main dish or an appetizer, the stuffing is generally made of meat, rice, and spice.Souvlaki:Basically a kebab, souvlaki is meat roasted on a skewer. Vegetables may be included, and is generally eaten hot off the stick.

Lamb is one of the more popular meats in Greece, and is also the prime meat of choice for Gyros.

Greek Beverages

Wine:Fermented grapes create the well known alcoholic beverage known as wine. Though people often closer associate wine with Italy and France, Greece has it's fair share of vineyards and consumers. It is often consumed both socially and just as a drink with dinner.Coffee:Everybody likes coffee. Well, almost everybody, and that includes the greeks. Just like the italians, greek people enjoy a morning cup of espresso and their freshly strained, hot coffee bean water.

Did you know Greece is the eight leading wine drinker in the continent of Europe?


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Byzantium was an ancient kingdom formed from the remains of the Eastern Roman Empire, and Greece was at the heart of the civilization.


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